Built By Desire

Africa's first luxury fragrances & Cosmetics brand

Defining our brand

Monbeau Afrique is a high end luxury brand that exudes grandeur, abundance and affluence. The brand, simply put, is The Ultimate Luxury Experience.

We believe that Africa should claim back its position in the market as a competitive alternative to internationally recognizable luxury brands.

Our intention is to create an experience that is undeniable,
with every interaction and encounter and to utilize the
Monbeau Afrique experience to build long standing, trusting and authentic relationships.

Africa X France

We’re proud of our roots and never offshore our production process.

Instead, we only import key ingredients that can’t be found locally (like oils from France) and alchemize our science-backed solutions right here in South Africa.

Africa X Europe

Luxury Apparel

Africa X Italy

Luxury Handcrafted Leather