1.1. My Beauty Group (PTY) Ltd is committed to fair trading practices as well as the principles envisaged in the Consumer Protection Act, Act 68 of 2008 (‘CPA’) in all dealings with our consumers.

1.2. My Beauty Group (PTY) Ltd acknowledges that consumers have certain specified rights in terms of the CPA as well as in terms of the common law in their dealings with My Beauty Group (PTY) Ltd, including the rights of consumers to return goods to My Beauty Group (PTY) Ltd in certain specific instances.

1.3. This policy sets out the circumstances in which you can return goods to My Beauty Group (PTY) Ltd – explanation:

  • The reasons for which you can return goods.
  • The period within which you need to return the goods.
  • What your and our duties and rights are when you wish to return goods.



2.1. Although the law does not give you an automatic right to return goods for any reason, My Beauty Group (PTY) Ltd will accommodate you within 7 (seven) days from delivery if you want to return the goods, provided that you meet the requirements of this policy, but specifically excluding the goods listed in clause 2.2.3 below.

2.2. Rules applying to the 7 (seven) day Returns Policy:

2.2.1. You can only return the goods within the 7 (seven) day returns period if you did not use the goods at all

2.2.2. The goods must also be in its original unopened packaging.

2.2.3. You will not be able to return the following goods during the 7 (seven) day returns period:

  • Special order goods (these are goods that we changed, amended or procured for you specifically to meet your specific needs – in other words customized goods and other goods that My Beauty Group (PTY) Ltd does not usually stock).
  • Due to health reasons, we do not offer refunds on cosmetics, hair care and skincare items. Please make your selections carefully.
  • Goods that we no longer stock.
  • Goods that have been sold on a promotion or at a discounted price.



3.1. We warrant to you that any Product purchased from us through our site will, on delivery, conform with its description, be of satisfactory quality, and be reasonably fit for all the purposes for which products of that kind are commonly supplied.

3.2. Defective products are those that had a defect or were unsafe when we supplied them. A defect usually means that the products were manufactured using materials, components or workmanship below an acceptable standard. You must prove that products are defective.

3.3. We will replace or refund the price of any defective products that you return to us within a 10 day period from the date of purchase. Returns must follow our returns procedure below.

3.4. A customer may decide whether we should either replace or refund the defective products.

3.5. Our products are very precise, and are manufactured and repaired under strictly controlled conditions. For this reason, warranties on any of our products will be invalid if any person who is not suitably qualified has opened, tampered with or altered the products contrary to the instructions or removed the warranty label. This also applies to products found to be unsuitable. It may be fraud to damage products deliberately to claim a refund.

3.6. You will also not be able to return the goods to us if you did not follow the instructions of use or guidelines in any other printed material that we provided to you in connection with the goods or if you used the goods for a purpose other than what it was intended to be used for.



4.1. If you suspect that there is a defect present in the goods, you must return the goods to us within 10 days of purchase.

4.2. You must immediately stop any further use of the goods in order to limit the damages.

4.3. My Beauty Group (PTY) Ltd will then investigate the matter and run the necessary tests on the goods to determine the reason for the defect.

4.4. My Beauty Group (PTY) Ltd will communicate their findings to you within 14 (fourteen) days after they received the goods from you for testing.



You will be entitled to return the goods you bought from us within 10 (ten) days if:

5.1. you bought the goods for a specific purpose;

5.2. You communicated the purpose to the salesperson;

5.3. The salesperson confirmed that you would be able to use the goods for the purpose you indicated; and

5.4. It turns out that the goods are not fit for that particular purpose.



If you ordered goods from a sample and/or description and you did not inspect the goods before you ordered them, you may return the goods within 10 (ten) days after delivery if the they do not materially conform to the sample.



 If we delivered goods to you that you did not order, we will collect them from you as soon as reasonably possible after you have informed us of the incorrect delivery or we informed you of our mistake.



8.1. In terms of the current consumer laws we are allowed to charge you for the use of the goods in certain circumstances and also such amounts to get the goods fit again for resale.

8.2. If you wish to return goods to us for any reason set out in this returns policy, or by law, we will inform you what these charges would be after we have had the opportunity to inspect the condition of the goods at the time of return.



If you wish to return goods to us for any reason, we may require that you provide us with the proof of purchase or your copy of the delivery note in order for us to determine and confirm:

  • That you bought the goods from us.
  • When the goods were bought by you.



10.1. No cash refunds will be made in-store.

10.2. You will be refunded subject to the law and in the same way that you initially paid for the goods, either by credit card or EFT.

10.3. It is your duty to provide the correct banking details to us in writing and we will not be liable to you if we made payment to an incorrect bank account provided by you. As such we will require a bank confirmation letter to mitigate against this.

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